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These entrepreneurial content creators use caproni to maximize their reach without the need for complex technology.

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Overdrive News Podcast
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Host of the Onix & Friends podcast

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Our analytics tools will help you measure your impact, identify your audience, and visualize your success.

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Keep growing your podcast an strengthen your brand by publishing your podcast on your own website. Painlessly use your own domain to keep control of your audience.

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Even if you have never created a website, with our easy to use tools you can build a professional podcast website in less than a minute.

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Publish text versions of your episodes automatically on your podcast’s website—great for helping people discover your podcast and for accessibility!

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With our easy-to-use tools you can sell digital goods like ebooks, PDFs, videos, and more on your podcast's website.

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Your podcast pages will load super fast, even in slow connections. Our pages have earned the highest ratings from the Google Lighthouse site evaluation.

Shout out to @CaproniFm - a podcast publishing app that's just starting out but already better than any other I've used - in terms of features, UX and service. If you're looking to start a podcast, check them out.

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Fernanda Graciolli
Host of the Indie Stack podcast

Made with love in Puerto Rico

Gabriel J. Pérez Irizarry
Founder & Lead Developer

Emanuel Rolón
Sales & Partnerships

Richard B. Kaufman López

Richard and Gabriel have been friends forever—they were Boy Scouts together, as well as classmates at Engineering College. They have collaborated on numerous software projects. They met Emanuel through the IndieHackers Puerto Rico community and they have collaborated on several projects since then.

Built in public

Caproni is an #OpenStartup—we believe in transparency, and in sharing information so that new generations of entrepreneurs can learn from our experience. Follow our progress on Makerlog, IndieHackers and Twitter.

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