How to add your podcast to Amazon Music in 2023

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Submitting your podcast to Amazon Music can be a good way to increase your podcast's visibility and reach a wider audience.

According to analytics by Buzzsprout, Amazon Music only holds 0.7% of the current podcast listening app market, but this platform holds a lot of potential for growth since Amazon Music holds 13% of the music listening streaming.

Since, Amazon is betting big in podcasting we have plenty of reasons to believe in the growth of Amazon Music in the podcasting space.

Given that its so easy to submit your podcast to Amazon Music, we highly recommend it!

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Why should I submit my podcast to Amazon Music?

Here are a few reasons why it may be worth it to submit your podcast to Amazon Music:

  1. Increased audience: Amazon Music has over 60 million users. Your podcast could be discovered by new listeners who might not have found it otherwise.
  2. Increased discoverability: Amazon Music uses a sophisticated algorithm to recommend content to its users, which can help your podcast be discovered by more listeners.
  3. Improved distribution: Amazon Music allows you to distribute your podcast to multiple devices, including Echo devices, which can help you reach even more listeners. According to statistics by Buzzsprout, 0.4% of podcast listeners listen through Echo devices.
  4. Branding: being on a big platform like Amazon Music can help increase your brand and give more credibility to your podcast.

Since it only takes a couple of minutes to submit your podcast to Amazon Music, why not do it?

BTW, if you publish your podcast with Caproni we will submit your podcast for you to all of the major podcast apps, including Amazon Music, so that you can save time and get back to work.

How to submit your podcast to Amazon Music


Before you submit your podcast, it is important to have ready:

  • At least one episode live on the internet
  • A description of your show (and other basic info)
  • Unique artwork for your podcast cover

Once you have all of these ready just grab your RSS feed URL from your podcast hosting provider and you will be ready to submit.

If you are getting started from scratch and you don't have any of these ready we are happy to help!

Just checkout our own podcast publishing platform, Caproni. Our designers can help you create a unique cover for your podcast for free and our podcasting experts provide free strategy calls, no commitment required.

Submitting your podcast

Here are the steps you will need to follow to submit your podcast to Amazon Music:

Amazon Music for Podcasters page screenshot

  1. Go to the Amazon Music for Podcasters Page. You will need to create an Amazon account first if you don't have one already.
  2. Copy your show's RSS feed URL and select the country associated with your podcast.

Amazon Music for Podcasters page screenshot

  1. Once Amazon has identified your podcast, you will be asked to claim ownership. Make sure to read & accept the Terms of Service and click on the blue "Confirm Email" button at the end of the page. The email used will be the one associated with your podcast.
  2. Look out for a verification mail. As soon as you input the code provided in it, the process will be complete!

Once has checked and approved your podcast you will receive a confirmation email. With this process your podcast will also get a presence on Audible, the sibling of Amazon Music that specializes in audiobooks and podcasts.

Publishing your podcast to other podcasting platforms

If you would like to get your podcast onto all major podcasting apps without the hassle, you can just publish your podcast with Caproni!

Thanks for staying with us till the end.

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