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Gabriel J. Pérez Irizarry

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Emanuel Rolon

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Richard B. Kaufman López

Delightfully simple podcast publishing

We help you build a business with your podcast

Leveraging your experience and content to make money from your knowledge rather than your time is incredibly rewarding.

But it doesn't come easy.

Especially if you don't have the time to learn, manage and setup a bunch of different tools.

That's why we built Caproni... to make it easy to levarage your podcast to increase sales. With an easy to use app that is a pleasure to come back to.

That way you have more time to focus on what you do best... creating content for your audience.

Our story so far...

Richard and Gabriel have been friends forever... From boyscouts to classmates at Engineering College. They have collaborated in numerous software projects.

Gabriel met Emanuel through the IndieHackers Puerto Rico community and they have been collaborating on several projects since then.

Caproni grew out of the heart of the Indie Hackers Puerto Rico community right at the start of the 2020 world wide Corona virus pandemic. Both Richard and Emanuel have been providing help since the start.

Built in public... we are an #OpenStartup

We believe in transparency. We also believe in sharing information publicly so that new generations of entrepreurs can learn from us.

Follow our progress on Makerlog, IndieHackers and Twitter.

Built with ❤️ from San Juan, Puerto Rico

1250 Avenida Juan Ponce de León, San Juan PR, 00907