Can you have multiple podcasts on Anchor? (2023)

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The quick answer is no.

You can not host multiple podcasts with a single Anchor account. On each Anchor account, you are limited to only one show and thus one RSS feed. Of course, you can publish as many episodes as you wish, but they will be all under the same show.

If you want to learn about possible workarounds and other solutions then read on.

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Is there a way I can host multiple podcasts on Anchor?

One hack around the limitation of one show per account is to create multiple Anchor accounts with different email addresses, but then managing your podcasts can become quite painful. If you are inclined to go this route, signing up multiple times with different emails is allowed under Anchor's terms and conditions, and it does not constitute a violation. However, we do not recommend this approach. If you will be hosting several shows, you might be better served by a more professional solution.

If you do decide to go this route, one trick to make it easier to handle multiple Anchor accounts is to use Firefox Multi-Account Containers. With these containers, you can be logged in to all of your Anchor accounts in the same browser window so you can avoid having to log in and log out all the time. Of course, to use this Firefox feature you must first download and install Mozilla Firefox. Using Firefox along with the Multi-Account containers add-on will surely save you time in managing all of your Anchor accounts. Remember though, that to have several Anchor accounts you need to first create the accounts with different email addresses.

One strategy to make that easier, especially if you only one email address is to use email aliases while creating your Anchor accounts. Most email providers provide some kind of alias feature that allows you to create different addresses that are all managed under the same inbox. For example, if you are a Gmail you can create up to 30 aliases at no extra cost. Here is a guide on how to create aliases on Gmail.

Hosting several shows with a single account under other services

Several podcast hosting companies offer the ability to manage multiple podcasts with a single account. In fact, with Caproni you can publish an unlimited number of shows with a single account. You can also invite extra team members to help you manage each of your shows without any extra costs, something you can not do with Anchor.

We invite you to checkout Caproni as a possible solution host all your shows under a single account and much more!

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